Saturday, May 04, 2013

Columbus Children's Book Festival

Today was the day. And it was pouring down rain! The tents were taken away and we had to move inside. Luckily the Columbus Library is huge and beautiful. (It was designed by Robert Stern, the famous architect.)

The festival did the most wonderful thing. They handed out little autograph books to every child. This meant I wasn't sitting at my autograph table all alone while people bought up all of Jerry Pinkney's books and lined up at his table, which was right next to mine!

Aggles had shown up by that time, so she sat with me and took good care of me. She retrieved my phone when she noticed I had walked off and left it sitting on the podium after my presentation, and later she noticed that I had kicked my purse across the floor while I was signing autographs. Good grief, where would I be without her?

We got a few rounds of Dueling Noses in after my first talk, with stickers for prizes.

The girl above was so tickled by my show at her school yesterday that she brought her mom along to see it again today.