Friday, May 06, 2011

Two Women of Refinement

Gina parked the car and when we walked up the steps we found ourselves in the Academy of Sciences instead of the de Young. So we decided oh well, what the hell, let's eat here at the Moss Room instead of over there. But first, let's handle a snake.

It was Gina's belated birthday lunch. It is not easy to treat this person to lunch, let me tell you.

We staggered across the music concourse afterwards and took in the Balenciaga show at the de Young, then stumbled back across the concourse to pick up Gina's leftovers which we had forgotten. (As usual, I didn't have any leftovers.)

Then we drove across the neighborhood to the Legion of Honor and looked at the Pulp Fashion show: you know, Isabelle de Borchgrave, that woman who makes dresses out of paper. Everyone but everyone had been raving about it and pressing me to go. What can I say? I have to tell the truth. It was impressive but I liked the fish and the snakes at the Academy of Sciences better.

After the Pulp Fashion show–finally!–it was time for a mid-afternoon snack. Here we are below, outside the museum having cappuccino and almond cookies. It looks like we're in jail but we're really not. When we schlepped back inside, guess who we saw exiting through the gift shop? Mary Ann! And she looked fantastic. I bet she had a date tonight with Husbando–one of those dates where they eat cheese sandwiches in the car and then go to a play.