Friday, April 23, 2010

Clothing Swap

I was always the one at the lunch table in high school and college who hoovered up anyone's leftovers.

And I've always been the one who encourages her friends to let me go through their Goodwill bags before they set them out on the sidewalk.

The best clothes come from Anne. Once she gave me a cashmere sweater that belonged to her grandfather. Once she gave me a black silk cardigan that was too big for her.

She recently gave me the shirt in the photo and it's torturing me. It's one of those French sailor shirts. A real one. It didn't fit her, and it doesn't fit me either. I've tried it on over and over and still it doesn't fit.

Do you happen to have 23-inch hips, maybe a 24-inch chest, and really fat arms? If so, I will send this shirt to you in exchange for a pair of striped socks.