Thursday, April 08, 2010

Brain Slug

Brain Slug Cupcakes by Alicia Policia

I signed up for a 5 week mini medical school series given by the Institute for Health and Healing about the brain. It started last night. But when the time came to go, I was no longer interested in my brain. I was interested in eating a snack and going out on the beach.

My sister Aggles is very interested in the brain and has sent me lots of brain books. Every time we share a hotel room, she spends the evening doing brain exercises while I drink wine and do situps.

Just yesterday morning Aggles e-mailed me an article about how it's been discovered that some people with Parkinson's who can't walk are able to ride bikes, and she was really excited about it. So when I told her I was too brain dead to go to the first brain session, she e-mailed me:

Since you're playing brain hooky tonight I thought I would e-mail you the first lesson: Brain Slug Cupcakes

Speaking of brainless, this is the state of the Easter Rabbits Deb sent. The ones she sends are called Assorted Rabbits. They're made by molding an assortment of candies into solid chocolate rabbits. But they come with a map, so it's easy to see that the brains of the rabbits are the best part (almond butter crunch).