Sunday, March 11, 2007

Congratulations, Sal

The last time I was helping my friend with her computer, she thrust a hundred dollars into my hand as I was leaving. How did I react?

Sal guessed correctly: #4. I took the money and ran to my car.

Sal, your award for making the correct guess is the black and pink purse, bottom left. When I found it in the store today and went up to pay for it, I asked how much it cost because it didn't have a price sticker. The cashier said, "It doesn't have a sticker?"
Me: "No."
Cashier: "But it doesn't even have a zipper!"
Me: "No zipper? Really?"
Cashier: "It fell off or something. You still want it?"
Me: "Yes!" To me that made it even more valuable.
Cashier: "I'll have to call the manager."
So he picked up the phone and called the manager.
Manager: "You want to buy this?"
Me: "Yes!"
Manager: "But it doesn't even have a zipper!"
Me: "Can I have it as a bonus then?" (I was still in contest mode.) She looked offended, and made up a price, which I can't disclose being that it's Sally's valuable prize.

What's so valuable about it? It will teach Sal a valuable lesson. She can put money into it, but the money will fly right out. She'll get to walk a mile in my shoes and learn what it's like not to be able to save money.