Monday, December 04, 2006

One Horse Open Sleigh

Linda Davick
On the beach this evening, a San Francisco-style one horse open sleigh.
p.s. Try not to do too many bad things until after December 25.


platitudinal said...

Great picture, Linda! It looked like lots of fun to dash through the beach in such manner.
*Good luck and all best wishes on your Linda-B-Good project.
*I’ve received my new camera. I don’t care anymore whether I’m good or bad. Hehe. ;D

Waterfall said...

Where you live looks REALLY different from where I live! Great picture.

I'm trying to be good, but it is so, so difficult!!

Marilyn said...

Ocean Beach?? GREAT photo. (I've never seen anything that cool at Ocean Beach...although I did see a snake handler once.)