Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why did no one tell me?

Probably because deep down I scorned these machines and the people who bought them!
So expensive; and how precious to make one tiny cup of coffee at a time. And the pods themselves––what a gimmick! And totally non-recyclable?

Still, somebody should have told us. We waltzed into Sur La Table looking for potholders and waltzed back out with this little Nespresso machine. It came bundled with a milk frother (that silver thing) and 16 different coffee pods. On sale for $139.00––though later we saw the same deal on Amazon.

Back home I yanked the machine out of the box, held the water container under the faucet, selected a pod and dropped it in. In 20-something seconds I had the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted. Except for the espresso at Pizzeria Delfina that time … but of course this machine makes espresso too.

And Tom was wrong about the recycling. You CAN recycle the pods, though you have to take them back to the store. Unless you live in Switzerland, in which case your mail carrier will pick up your used pods. Nespresso actually uses the aluminum in the pods to make new machines.

Ours is the smallest one they make. It’s called the Inissia and it’s a pure joy––a kids’ game, trying the various types of coffee in the shiny colored pods. 

How many of you knew about this machine and have been keeping it a secret from me?