Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I've been curious about MOO since the first time I read about this company. I finally decided to
give them a try. For once Tom would have business cards we wouldn't have to cut out ourselves
with x-acto knives.

Although MOO offers many well-designed templates, of course we had to design the cards
ourselves. MOO works quickly, and when the finished cards arrive in your mailbox,
getta loada the packaging!!

Even if your cards came back printed in purple instead of gray, it would be immoral to complain
when the cards are packaged so beautifully.

All cards are printed on both sides unless you don't wanna.

For Tom's card we chose a stock called Luxe. It's super sturdy––composed of 3 layers of
paper. You choose the color for the inside layer. We chose yellow-orange.

A close-up of the cards from the side.

It's so exciting when your cards come. When you pull the box out of the mail and turn it
upside-down to cut it open, a golden sticker stops you for half a sec––and you decide to
order 5,000 YAY! stickers next time around.

The discount is a standard 10% Facebook MOO code, though I notice today everything at MOO
is discounted 25%. MOO uses 4-color process––not flat Pantone colors, so I was a little
concerned about the solid areas––and the type too. But we're happy with the printing.

The wild thing about MOO is something we didn't even wade into, which is that you can design
the backs of the cards as many different ways as you like. In other words, we could have set up
the cards so that we had 200 different card backs for the same price. Perfect for an illustrator.