Thursday, May 14, 2015

Downs and Ups

Msmasmushly told me about this exhibit, Fancy Animal Carnival, at the Civic Center Plaza. She told me to go right away. And today since my boss was away I decided to play. I read a little about the show before I ran to catch the train to the Civic Center where 19 of Hung Yi's animals awaited me:

His animated and personified interpretations of animals are based on symbols that, in Taiwan, are traditionally believed to be lucky. He also decorates the modern sculptures with traditional Taiwanese patterns and texts that are believed to bring about good fortune.

Next I read: The exhibit will be up until May 7.

I was furious.

Round Pig by Hung Yi

Then I remembered. Anne had told me that she had just finished a new painting, so I drove straight over there instead. After a visit to her studio, I felt like I had regained my luck and good fortune. I mean, she had seven dazzling paintings I hadn't seen!

My favorite new painting by Anne.

And then, since I happened to be halfway to the Apple Store already, I drove on over and tried on some watches.