Monday, October 27, 2014

Lunch With Joanne Rocklin

Joanne's newest book, Fleabrain Loves Franny

But wait a sec. Before the game yesterday, Deb and I drove up across the bridge to meet Joanne Rocklin. I felt lucky that we'd been able to corral her for lunch, because we found out she'd come straight from breakfast with another children's book writer in Larkspur. And soon as we finished lunch (along with a quick visit to Lando), she zoomed away across 101 to dinner with another group of kids' book writers. Whew. It was one of those lunches that was so engrossing I never even thought to snap a photo.

So here's a snippet of conversation to make up for the missing photo:

Joanne: It's bizarre that you two live right across the street from each other and share the same agent.

Deb: Well, Linda was kind enough to send my manuscript to Rubin.

me: I didn't do it to be kind. I'm not kind.

Joanne: I know! I know! People have this idea that people who write children's books are kind!