Saturday, March 15, 2014


For the Round Robin, we're given daily prompts. We write 10 minutes to the prompts. Today's prompt is: I don't want ... My partner for the week is Jane, and I've been writing 10-minute letters to her every night.

Dear Jane,

Tonight Tom and I went over to Rudy's for dinner. I made a big flat flour-less brownie with tons of icing and pecans. We had not seen his new house. It was in the most amazing place. On a street called Edgehill, near West Portal? Strange and dreamy. Especially the back yard that was essentially a big hill with all kinds of narrow pathways that wound among trees, and stairways that led from one little grassy landing to the next.

Well, we were late. We'd been working in the yard. Then I took a shower and ironed my hair. It was time to go, but when I put on my clothes, they were too small! Just to be sure, I carried the mirror out into the living room where there was some light. Then I said, "Tom, are these clothes too small?" He said, "A little bit."

I found something else to wear, but ... being as I only have one thing to wear, it took some time to come up with a second thing.

Another couple was there. The woman had been best friends with Rudy's wife. So it was nice to be with her. Whenever wine was poured, I never once said, "I don't want any more, thank you."

 Now I'm back home, and I don't want to say good night, but I will.