Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Purple Crayon

Beach glass from this week

Never in a thousand years did I dream I'd be giving a beauty tip in this blog. But here goes:

Whenever I put anything on my face it turns orange. Makeup, blush, lipstick--no matter what color it is, it turns orange. If you're like me, read on.

It's Clinique "free" Beauty Bonus time. Who can resist picking one up, especially when it includes a crayon? (A lip crayon, that is.)

You can choose between a "nudes" Beauty Bonus kit or a "violets" Beauty Bonus kit. I went rogue and chose the violets.

This Beauty Bonus purple crayon is perfect. It's actually a lip balm, so very little color comes through. But the color that does come through is the exact opposite of orange. So all it really does is make your lips shiny, a bit darker, AND NOT ORANGE!

And what a feeling to be carrying around a purple crayon.

What did I buy in order to get this "free" purple lip crayon? A bar of soap and a full-size lip crayon in Bountiful Blush (which turned out to be orange).

p.s. If anyone would like the purple eye shadow kit, let me know and I'll bring it to lunch.