Sunday, March 17, 2013

The world was our oyster

at Saltwater. Tom had oysters nephropidae with garlic butter, I had pizza margherita.
p.s. Oh no. I was afraid of this.

Everything you want to know about yourself can be found in your relationship with food.
~ Ashley Paquin (from Anna's blog today)

And from Jamie:

Am I to understand that you don't eat oysters? Oh Linda. I didn't until I was well into my forties, but with the gentle coaching of Eva B. one night in front of her fireplace, I learned to love them. And my heart breaks that you'd opt for a pizza. (This from the guy who once left Eva sitting at a restaurant alone, because I'd forgotten our dinner date and already "had a Tombstone pizza in the oven." No one in my group has ever let me forget that. They shouldn't!)