Monday, January 07, 2013

Lunch with Allyson! I was excited to hear about the app she developed and put together. It's called Today's Step, and it offers inspiration and support for recovering alcoholics. See for yourself and give it a try.

p.s. I had coffee with lunch.

p.p.s. Another thing I loved about our time together was that Allyson regaled me with tales of her two kids: Stella, who is six; and Nick who is 14. If you have kids and would like someone with a big ear for kid stories, call me and let's get together.

Did you know that the original illustrator of the Pippi Longstocking stories was Ingrid Vang Nyman, and not Louis S. Glanzman? I didn't, and I'm happy about it. But could this be true? A Pippi Longstocking graphic novel that Astrid Lindgren and Ingrid put together in 1957? Well here it is, right before your eyes.

Meg, what's the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel?