Sunday, September 23, 2012


John, Tom's college buddy, and Other Tom. Oops! John's eating. Sorry.

He comes bearing gifts: books, pistachios, medjool dates, precious gems.

On the way to Pt. Reyes we stop at my favorite place on earth:

Muir Beach Overlook. It's easy to relax here. We'll take Katy here for sure.

It's very relaxing at Drake's Beach Cafe, too. (Waiting on fish tacos.)

The landscape at Drake's Beach is so different from our beach.

Two men I love, acting out.

Oh! I didn't want to forget this part: John and Tom live in Boulder, but John lived in Nepal for a while. So on Friday night we decided to eat at LittleNepal, a sweet restaurant in Bernal Heights. We over-ordered, but had great leftovers for breakfast and dinner the next day. If you go, make sure to order Mismas pakauda to start.