Saturday, September 17, 2011

We Got Our Windmill Back!

We thought it would never happen. While we were in Point Reyes, Peter e-mailed us that the copper dome––all 64 tons of it––had been set in place on top of the Murphy Windmill.

When we got home on Thursday, the arms had been added.

I took the photo yesterday evening from the beach. We can see the windmill from our window. It stands at the southwest corner of Golden Gate Park. We can also see the Dutch Windmill, which stands at the northwest corner of the park. We haven't seen the arms turning yet, but we can't wait.

... The restoration finally got under way in 2002. The dome was sent by ship to Lucas Verbij of Verbij Hoogmade, a company in the Netherlands that has been designing and building windmills since 1868. Nine years later on Monday, a crane hoisted the refurbished cap into the sky and lowered it, inch by inch, on top of the giant. 

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