Thursday, June 02, 2011

We Met The Artist

To think there's a group in Tiburon that meets once a month to discuss articles in the New Yorker! Tonight the group decided to discuss pictures in the New Yorker, specifically those of Mark Ulriksen, whose work we love. So we hightailed it across the bridge to Joe's Taco Lounge for a taco, and then zipped straight over to the library.

The joint was packed. Members of the club brought bottles and bottles of wine. Mark's younger daughter Lily helped him with the computer so that the presentation ran without a hitch. And I walked out with a Mark Ulriksen Giants wallet for Mary Ann. (I paid for it first, of course.)

Yep, that's Billy Grimes on the left. I'm on the right, and if I look a little worse for the wear it's because the woman below–that's Lucille–made me hike with her all over San Francisco this afternoon. Afterwards we took a moment to gulp down some sparkling wine and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies before I zoomed home to pick up Tom.