Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tom!

We started out the day at Cole Valley Hardware. Not only is this Tom's favorite place in the whole universe, but when it's his birthday they offer him a big discount. I was very patient.

Then we headed down the coast to Moss Beach and the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve. Tom took the New York Times and I took my notebook and three new pens. (I have a phobia of being caught somewhere without something to write with.)

Usually we put a quilt down up above Moss Beach on the cliffs, but today it was so windy that we walked down the wooden stairs to the beach and lay in the sun wrapped up like mummies. Then I took off my shoes and walked to the tide pools. The weird coral and shells and stones you find on this beach are very different from the things you find on our beach.

Then, the highlight of the trip: Barbara's Fishtrap.

Do you really want to know what I had for dinner? A crab sandwich along with a couple of beers. That's what heaven means to me. And we even got a seat by the window.

Back home for cake and coffee.

The Present! (An Anne Herbst.)