Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Glass and Leaves

Jane lives in the middle of the city, so when she goes outside she shoots pictures of leaves on the street. I live on the very edge of the city and there are hardly any trees around at all so I pick up glass and stones and shoot pictures of those things.

Anyway, Jane and I made a trade and I came away with the photo on the right. It's actually a photo of a photo, and still it retains its beautiful integrity.

Jane said that when her boyfriend saw the photo he said, "If you could get rid of all that junk in the middle it would make a nice photograph."

I found the treasures on the left yesterday. I don't usually pick up stones but it was so strange–most of the stones that washed up yesterday were very flat–almost wafer-thin. I can't fathom why it is that not only different kinds of things, but also different shapes of things, wash up from day to day. It's one of the mysterious things I love about our city beach.

You can see more of Jane's photos here. I always thought that photos in general looked best on a backlit screen, but hers gain a whole new dimension when they're printed.