Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Other People's Mail

Subject: Happy Sunday, Mom!
From: linda
Date: June 19, 2009 9:27:18 PM PDT
To: martha@presto.com
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Enjoy your big Sunday paper, and don't forget snacks.
(And water!!)

Love, Linda

The last thing I do every night is e-mail Mom a picture and a note. She gets it at 8:00 the next morning on her Presto machine. I title the notes something like Happy Wednesday, Mom! or Have a Great Thursday, Mom! Her memory isn't working and a title that includes the day of the week confirms for her what day it is when she wakes up.

The day after I sent Mom the e-mail above, Aggles called.

Aggles: I just talked to Mom and she's confused.

Me: I know. She lost one of her Prestos.

Aggles: (long pause) Linda, what day is this?

Me: ... Saturday.

Aggles: Do you realize what you put on Mom's Presto last night?

A sick feeling came over me. I can't tell you how bad I felt about telling Mom to enjoy her big Sunday paper on Saturday. Not only did I feel bad about confusing her, but I also felt embarrassed. The person helping Mom dress probably saw it, and it would be easy for her to guess who would be moving into the memory unit next.

Yesterday morning (Monday) Aggles sent me a concerned e-mail with the day of the week and the date in gigantic red letters. She reminded me to relax the muscles around my eyes and to relax my jaw, and she mentioned meditation.

This afternoon I talked to Mom:

What day is today? Let's see. Is it 265-1411?

Me: It's Tuesday, June 23rd. I know you'll never trust me again after what I did last weekend, but I know for sure that it's Tuesday, June 23rd because that's what my computer says.

Mom couldn't remember what I did. I reminded her that I had told her to have a happy Sunday on Saturday.

Mom laughs: That's all right!

Me: It may be all right with you, but I don't think Aggles or I will ever get over it.

Oh well. Aggles is a perfectionist.