Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Chris. Please Help.

© Chris Georgenes

Chris Georgenes is the king of Adobe Flash. (We all know Sally's the queen.) Often when I have an emergency question and Sally's at the race track, I try bugging Chris.

Last time I emailed him I added a p.s: Do you use a Mac or a PC?

Chris: PC.

Me: Do you use a PC because it's a better machine for animation?

Chris: I wouldn’t say better – I look at it like Ford vs Chevy – they both are good platforms that get the job done. When I worked at an animation studio we were PC based except for the editing machines which were Mac (Avid). We used a dos based program called Animator Pro (defunct). So I got started in the world of computer animation on PCs.

The main reason today is because they are so darn cheap – since I do animation I always need the high end machines and they are quite expensive when you max out an apple. My newest machine is a custom built one – I ordered the components from www.newegg.com and built it myself (uber geek). Now I have an ultra fast machine with a clean operating system (win xp) and none of the popup ads and trial software that comes bloated on pre-built machines.