Thursday, June 07, 2007

Contest Winners

runner-up award
Why? has always been my favorite question. An exquisite prize awaits the person who posts the best answer.

The contest ended last night at midnight. The entries are:

1. because we like you!
2. to get to the other side of the road
3. because I said so!
4. why not?
5. Because that rock looks like Martian poop.
7. Because it's your destiny. And the fate of all our kind is depending on it.
8. To Why or Not to Why? That rock looks like the skull in Hamlet:)
9. Follow State Route 85 or 86, and you’ll find it in Pima County, Arizona.
10. because not to is like giving up
11. because others depend on you
12. because choosing not to isn't really living
13. because there may be a wild flower blooming under the rock
14. because life throws curve balls but you just hav'ta keep going
15. because you love
16. because in spite of everything you believe, it DOES make a difference
17. because simply crying doesn't change anything
18. because your mother said so
19. because it may even bring you laughter
20. It will all make sense when you're older.

sample pages from poop writing tablet runner-up award
The runner-up is #5: Because that rock looks like Martian poop.

did Marie win the runner-up prize?
Because she did not hesitate. Her answer splurted out unfettered from her keypad.

The grand prize winner is #15: because you love

did Dee win the grand prize?
Because her reply reminds me of the poem about being only a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal without love.
the grand prize (below): a klog (book log)
Personal note to Dee: If this prize isn't
as exquisite
as you expected,
you can choose to have a bottle of Method dish detergent instead.