Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Sister & Me

© Linda Davick
My sister and I are opposites. My sister once said, "If Mom had had ONE daughter with BOTH our characteristics, she would have had one great daughter." We're going through a tough time together, with lots of help from Aunt Mary and the people at the Terrace, where Mom lives.

I like this photo of us because:
1. Aggles and I are putting our heads together.
2. When we put our heads together, we can be strong as a rock.
3. One of us is very hard-headed.
(I'm the one with the bad complexion.)

email from Luci: I know that Aggles is very smart, and she can sew, but I beg to differ with her regarding her comment about combining you two into one great daughter. In this situation that one great daughter will have very droopy, and bowed shoulders because she’s standing alone, even with capable aunt Mary helping tremendously. But, two great daughters putting their heads together are a force to be reckoned with. Remember what you said about both of you putting your heads together? Won’t be able to do that if you are an only child. I think at times like this being somebody’s child is a very fragile moment, you need to have somebody else going through it with you to commiserate. Even Tom’s support will not suffice since your mom is not his mother (I know, I know a very “eewey” thought). But, you and Aggles have a history with your mom. Both of you have plenty and memorable and not so memorable moments with her. I am glad you are not an only child. It’s a very lonely place to be in.

I like how you said that you and Aggles are very different. I don’t know much about her besides that she can sew an apron and seems to know so much about etiquette and graceful living. And she looked so adorable in a tutu. Those are the things about her that I gleaned from reading your blog. And, oh, yes, how can I forget, she doesn’t scoop her flour! (big grin). And, she notices when you credit a poem to the wrong author.

My sister and I are very different too. She gets along very well with my Mom. She said that Mom is her best friend. They love clothes, shoes, and shopping, and worry about almost the same stuffs. It tickles me how different we are. But, I notice when we have a problem and work together … we are able to tackle things. You are absolutely right about sisters putting their heads together. Just remember how potent those Boleyn sisters were! (of course we don't want to be that kind of potent ... wink)