Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Beautiful Hairstylist

Sounds like a movie, but luckily it's not. Lesley is a real person who cuts and colors hair. Her own hair is messy and her lipstick perfect. She wears tennis shoes. She doesn't feel the need to be entertaining. (No larger-than-life, kooky personality.) She cuts hair! She's fast! I don't leave exhausted.

Other bonuses:
1. Crepes on Cole right across the street.
2. Free parking in the neighborhood.
3. Her cuts last.


Nina said...

Sounds like she's trustworthy, too. A very important quality in a hairstylist!!

booda baby said...

Has she thought of giving lessons? On the other hand, I guess you can't teach stuff like that.

Linda Davick said...

Ha! Nina, it's great to see you again.

Booda, hi. You are funnnnny! Lipstick lessons? Personality lessons? Let me know and I'll ask.

booda baby said...

Ha. Personality and style lessons. Those are EXACTLY the things there should be more of but are less of and I'm blaming the internet. :) Still, like I said. Them's the things what can't be taught. But if they COULD ... she could schedule betwn cuts. Ha, again!

stray said...

How much do they charge for a haircut in SF?

Linda Davick said...

Hi Stray!

In SF, anywhere from $10 to $________________.
Lesley charges $60.