Friday, February 01, 2013

I know you've been waiting to hear how writing group went last night. (Did I cry again this time when I got home?) No. I wised up. I took two pieces, one poem and one prose. The poem, although it did rhyme, was esoteric––and I'm pretty sure no one understood it. Success!

I have a little parakeet
Her name’s Epiphanie.
She likes to play and make a mess
She tries to talk to me.

The things she says
Are quite a hoot
Her words most often
Don’t compute.

My little bird must think it queer
I shut her up when she is near
The things she says are so absurd
I’m much too busy for a bird.


Gina said...

TWEET!!!! Completely get it! Brilliance.

Gina said...

I must admit. When I first read it, having been dulled into a stupor by reading published studies all day, I missed the headline, and I pronounced the bird-on-the-brain's name as "Epi FANNY!"

mary ann said...

you add sooooo much to the group!

Waterfall said...

I like! Lots of truth there! Did you tweet this one? ;-)

Linda Davick said...

All of you are cracking me up.
(Thank you, Mary Ann. What if I had never come to see Don Asmussen at your book store? The thought scares me.)

Linda Davick said...

p.s. Waterfall, you and 'tude were really the first people to ever leave comments on this blog. It's so good to see you again.

stray said...

Love this

Anonymous said...

I love it- the reference to R. Frost is brilliant.~ad

Linda Davick said...

Stray and Anna: Thank you for stopping by the blog on a snowy evening!