Sunday, August 14, 2011

Special Delivery

The PAC (That's Peter, Anne, and Carmen) came for dinner. Not only did they bring an exquisite bottle of Scott's wine, but they brought a crate of flowers.

I was researching kids' crafts a few months ago and found the magnificent piece below. It's lived on my desktop ever since. One of the arrangements from last night (above) is almost as good. Don't they both remind you a little of Dr. Seuss?

Last night before we went to bed we set the jasmine in the bathroom. A few times during the night I caught a whiff of it from the bedroom. Waking up to that fragrance goes a long way toward casting a good spell on the day.


mari said...

Whenever I'm not feeling well I try to get some flowers for my bedroom. The scent of freesia or jasmine or freshly cut roses is really wonderful...unless I'm ill with a cold and then Wolf can smell them, I can't.

Namowal said...

I'm gonna have to steal the jasmine-in-the-bathroom idea from you. :D

mary ann said...

Friends and flowers ~ who could ask for anything more?

Linda Davick said...

Mari, do you like gardenias? I thought they were my favorite scent until the jasmine came along.

Namo, I hope you do.

ms mush: Hi, good friend!

booda baby said...

Jeeeeeze. You and that clean house!! Oh, and the flowers are great, too.

There's no point trying to have a clean, white house when you live with A, the tube amp guy. As it is, I try to teach him to SEEEEEE his fingerprints all over recently cleaned items. He says he can not.

I'm about to give up. He could only visit your house. He can behave and be clean for short bursts.

gina said...

OMG, you have the best friends!

Linda Davick said...

Booda, you know that I use trick photography to get the clean house effect. It works as long as you never come over in person.

Gina, I do. And you're at the top of the pyramid.