Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I emailed Larry's web site to Sally in order for her to figure out the code. She worked magic and was back in a flash with questions. But even her questions seemed like code to me. I fled to the beach.

Everywhere I looked I saw code. In the writing on rocks, in the writing on the wall.

After a mile or two, I started seeing faces in the rocks again and knew I was going to be OK.

p.s. Sally? Can you help me with the code on the rock and the code on the wall? What does it mean?


Sally said...

I tried to post the translation but your blog wouldn't let me. ("Your HTML cannot be accepted.")

I remember asking questions about code when I was first trying to figure things out, and a response was:"You need a FOR LOOP!"

okay. I do need one, I know I do...

linda said...

Well. Yes. Of course.

Not that I needed to at all, but I googled "FOR LOOP" and read that FORTRAN 66's equivalent of the FOR LOOP was the DO LOOP. And listen to what happened because a comma was missing in the code:

The fortran DO loop caused an orbit computation error in a Mercury flight, and was long suspected to have caused the crash of the Mariner 1 space rocket on 22 July 1962 - C.A.R. Hoare, in particular a missing comma in the wrong place can drastically alter the meaning of the loop. Example:
DO 101 I=1.9999999
Because of the peculiar feature of fortran that spaces are not significant, this is interpreted as a single assignment to the (probably undeclared) variable DO101I. In the subsequent FORTRAN 77 specification an additional comma was required in the DO loop syntax.

Sally, where were you then?

Sally said...

I keep trying to put code in my blog and always get the "your HTML cannot be accepted" error. I got anchor links to work in Firefox yesterday and was so proud, but they don't work in Safari.

Sally said...

Sally C. is to code as my old piano teacher was to music: She could sightread wallpaper!

platitudinal said...

I'm glad you start seeing faces again, Linda. Phew!

mary ann said...

That's a difficult code on the wall, the one on the rock is easy. But I don't want to steal Sally's thunder.
Just be patient, Ms. D....

Norma said...

People should read this.