Monday, April 16, 2007

Waiting For Mom To Eat Dinner

Speaking of waiting for dinner ... we could not get Mom to eat anything yesterday. Around 9:30 last night she finally ate a few bites. She noticed my necklace and said she really liked it. Of course I took it off and put it around her neck. She looks great in it.

I'm in Tennessee. My camera is broken. The lens refuses to open. Probably due to too many walks on the beach during sand storms. I'm going to send it back to Canon to see if they can fix it, though it was 7 days out of warranty when I called. Canon tech support is great. They said to send it in anyway, that they wouldn't quibble over a few days. But when they see the shape it's in, they may suspect it's lived its 9 lives. I may buy a new one if I can get to a Target.


pal said...

Is it the Joy necklace?

Dad would always eat ice cream; did you try that?

You must get a camera!

Barbara said...

Ice cream is good.
Did you try liquid meal replacements?
You HAVE to have a camea.

Dee said...

We're missing your camera as much as you do! Definitely get yourself to Target for a new one or backup one if Canon gets yours fixed -- these are the days to take photos with your mom looking pretty in your necklace and whatever else suits your fancy.

Enjoy your time there though I can imagine there are difficult moments.


platitudinal said...

Linda, I hope your mom will be more interested in eating today ... whether it is ice cream or liquid replacement meal.

I love the part about you putting the necklace on your mom. My heart swells when I read that.

I hope you are okay too.

linda said...

Pal, it's the Joy necklace. I bought a 1/2 gal of mint choco chip ice cream and she did eat a little. (I know. I need a camera terribly.)

Barbarabarrara: HI! Thank you! Today (Tues) was much better. She ate. Yes, I've got to have a camera.

Dee: Thanks. It's been a hard trip, but I'm enjoying lots of things...OK, if you insist! I'll go to Target tomorrow to buy a camera. Aggles told me to do the same.

'tude: Thanks. You're a good 'tude to have.

Sal Down South said...

When are you coming home?

Dee said...

.....following on from Sal......we need our Linda-fix!

Prayers and good thoughts for your mom. Hope you get some photos with the two of you together.


linda said...

sal down south: I'm going home on Saturday. Last night Tom suggested that I might want to stay here a little longer & I almost had a meltdown. (He thought it might make me feel better to get more things taken care of before I came back.)

dee: thank you so much! I'm much happier having a camera...bought one yesterday.

tennessee sal said...

I'm sorry I didn't come to see you! Maybe if we visit our niece when she has her baby (still any day now), we could visit your mom. I could send you a picture.

TN sal said...

Pal, a week would be very hard. After three hours with Dad at the nursing home, I was totally exhausted and had to go through emotional / psychological detox rituals.